Interscholastic Mountain Biking
has arrived in Wisconsin!

Shorewood was one of the first teams incorporated in Wisconsin's NICA League in 2014. The WI League serves all Wisconsin high school and middle school-aged students, regardless of ability level. Students and coaches are provided a positive coed cycling experience to both learn and practice safe riding practices. To ensure students are able to develop their skills and be placed in an appropriate level for their racing experience, the WI League offers coed middle and high school aged teams. Response to the WI League from parents and students throughout Wisconsin has been tremendous! For the upcoming fall season, over 50 teams will be participating in the five-race season.

Mountain Biking in Shorewood schools

Shorewood's 2018 season is beginning to ramp up. Practice begins in July and the five-race season officially kicks off in early September at Waukesha County's Minooka Park and continues into late October. If you're interested in supporting or participating, be sure to attend our Informational Meeting on May 15th (7-8pm) at SIS.